Silvia Chiesa & Maurizio Baglini: Rachmaninov - CD Decca


March 23th - April 2nd, Epinal (France): Chairman of the Jury Concours International du Piano d'Epinal


April 5th, Milano, Fazioli Showroom, h 6 p.m. : Press Conference AmiataPianoFestival 2017


April 9th, Desio, Circolo Culturale, h 3.30 p.m.: Maurizio Baglini racconta Schumann


April 19 - 20th, Parma, Conservatorio: Masterclass and concert  


April 22nd, Perugia, Piano et Forte Showroom, Extra Time: duo with Javier Girotto, sax


 April 26th, Milano, Sant'Alessandro Church: Beethoven' Ninth Symphony  transcripted by F. Liszt, with Orchestra Sinfonica Giuseppe Verdi di Milano's Choir, conducted by Erina Gambarini